5 reasons to get excited about Strawberry Picking!
strawberry picking healthykai post

5 reasons to get excited about Strawberry Picking!

Every year around this time me and my family get very excited about going strawberry picking. Winter looks like it might finally be behind us and spring is just around the corner. Mind you the season isn’t here just yet, we will have to wait till Boxing day for the farms to officially open for berry picking, but till then here are some ‘berry’ juicy strawberry picking facts to lure you:

Strawberry fields for Strawberry picking post for HealthyKai
Strawberry fields

1. Seasonal Fruit:
Firstly, I am a big believer in eating fruits and vegetables that are in season. For strawberries the season here in New Zealand is November to February. When picked in season, fruits are sweeter and juicier and taste infinitely better. And fresh? well yes! because you are picking it straight from the shrub, can’t get any fresher than that. Also by buying locally produced seasonal fruit you are supporting the local farms too.
Because the farmers don’t have to worry about the costs of transport and storage it is hence cheaper on the consumer too.

Strawberry Shrub for HealthyKai strawberry picking post
Strawberry Shrub

2.Fun with the kids:
It is a great activity for the kids to get into. Firstly there’s the road trip adventure where we all pack into the car and head off too Massey Gardens (45 Fred Taylor drive, West-gate). Then once at the farm the little ones grab their own little buckets and compete with each other to see who has picked the most fruit. It also gets them outside enjoying the sunshine and getting their hands mucky. They even have fun washing their own fruit and coming up with some ‘berrylicious’ recipes to use them in later.

3.Caring for your picked Strawberries
After washing and drying my strawberries I separate my pickings  into two piles. The eat straight away pile and the freezer pile. The eat straight away batch are super ripe and typically these are used in jams, salads, and eaten fresh  . My second pile is the freezer pile this is the not so ripe pile. 

4. Strawberry recipes to tempt you
Strawberry Smoothie
Blend together strawberries, yogurt, one banana and some honey.

Strawberry Salsa
In a bowl chop up some strawberries, some jalapenos, half small red onion,big bunch of coriander, some lemon juice and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Strawberry Salad (Fattoush as its known in Arabic)
In a bowl take chopped strawberries,chopped cucumber,parsley,chopped mint,lettuce and add lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper.

5. A well deserved treat
After all that Hard work picking Strawberries you can then kick back and enjoy a Strawberry Ice cream. My kids absolutely loved it!

That’s it guys, I hope to catch you at the farms this year. Let me know which farm you visit! Take lots of pictures and be sure to tweet and let me know how you get on! If you like this post give us a like and follow so you get notifications of my upcoming posts.




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