5 Smoothie recipes to knock your socks off!
5 smoothie recipes for HealthyKai

5 Smoothie recipes to knock your socks off!

I am a big fan of a morning smoothie, they are delicious, they are easy to make! All you need is a blender and access to some delicious fruit and veg.

Chop up your fruit and veg , blitz and within minutes you have a deliciousness at your finger tips!

Here are 5 of my favorite recipes to knock your socks off (Yes , I know it’s summer but its freezing! What is going on with this weather?):

  1. Pink Passion passion pink smoothie recipe post HealthyKai
  2. Green Monster Green monster smoothie recipe for HealthyKai
  3. Apple pie apple pie smoothie for recipe post for HealthyKai
  4. Smoothie Bowl
  5. High fiber smoothie


There you have it my top 5!

I’m quite enjoying the last one with the high fiber, I will be experimenting with fiber a lot over the next coming weeks!

Do you have any high fiber recipes?

Let me know….

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