Chickpea burgers
Chickpea burger

Chickpea burgers

With Spring here and Summer almost up on us, I have had a major hankering for some burgers. And these chick pea burgers are just lick your fingers, smack your lips delicious. Pair it with my coriander mint chutney and some mango lassi and I am in heaven.


1 can of chickpeas put through the blender to make a smooth paste
Grated carrot
Fresh coriander leaves

ground coriander
ground cumin


  1. Boil a potato, peel it and mash it
  2. Grate on carrot
  3. Strain and rinse out the chickpeas then add to a blender to make a smooth paste
  4. In a large frying pan, fry some garlic and then the chopped onions.
  5. Chop some coriander leaves
  6. Then add all the above to a large bowl and the egg and peas too.
  7. Add the spices then give it a good mix till its all well combined
  8. Then shape into burgers
  9. Place in the freezer for an hour
  10. Lastly Air fry them with a little oil
  11. Serve them hot in ciabatta buns, with sliced tomatoes cucumbers,beetroot, avocado and some coriander and mint chutney .



chickpea burger for HealthyKai recipe post
Burger slathered in chutney


This recipe freezes well too so you can make a few extra and freeze them and when you are craving burgers just pop them in the air fryer and 15 minutes later golden burgers are ready to be devoured.

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