Thirsty? Drink up, here are 5 healthy options!

Thirsty? Drink up, here are 5 healthy options!

Now that I think about it I drink a lot of beverages, hot and cold. I begin my day with tea, then mid morning I have a smoothie. I love water infused with fruits and herbs to get me through the day and on hot days nothing beats a mango or chikoo lassi.

Here are 5 of my favorite drinks to sip on:

1. Green Monster Smoothie

Great to start the day with a smoothie and my green monster smoothie is just fabulous! Just throw in your fresh or frozen fruit in the blender, give it a whizz and you are all set.

Green monster smoothie recipe for HealthyKai
Green monster smoothie

2. Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

I love Tea, and this one helps me with the sniffles and the cough. I make this brew up first thing in the morning and then just relax and sip away.


Honey Lemon Ginger Tea recipe for HealthyKai
Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

3. Turmeric Latte

The health benefits of Turmeric are vast . Read up about them all here , while you sip on a turmeric latte.

Turmeric latte healthykai post
Turmeric latte

4. Pink Passion Smoothie

Love this fruit smoothie ! Its delicious its invigorating. Gives me the boost I need in the mornings to go out and win my morning!

passion pink smoothie recipe post HealthyKai
Passion pink smoothie

5. Mango Lassi

Cooling refreshing and sooo tasty! This one is super easy to make , I use frozen mango but if its in season and you have fresh mangoes then fresh is better. Chuck them in a blender with some yogurt I like to add some honey and cinnamon, give it a whizz. Check the consistency it should be thick but still pour able. Love this on hot days , sipping on my mango lassi and chilling!

Mango Lassi recipe post for HealthyKai
Mango Lassi

What drinks do you quench your thirst on? Are there some herbal teas you drink in the mornings? Share them with me here I would love to hear about it!

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