Steamed dumplings
Steamed Dumplings recipe post for HealthyKai

Steamed dumplings

Aren’t these the most gorgeous looking steamed  veggie dumplings you have ever seen? And they are so easy to make and so versatile too!

I like to experiment with the fillings, here are some of my favorites:

scrambled eggs and chives
mixed veg like the ones above
tofu and chili
corn and mushroom

You could make the wrappers yourself the recipe is below or you could even use store bought! I am not so flash with my folding skills so I generally just go with the simple pinch and fold technique.

I love sneaking in all the veges in here like cabbage and carrot. And the kids love it !

So here is the recipe and these go down fabulously with some chili and garlic edamame beans on the side !!

Recipe for Steamed Dumplings:

Ingredients for Dumpling Sauce:

good quality soya sauce
rice vinegar
green onion chopped
ginger finely grated
red pepper flakes

Ingredients for Dumpling wrapper:

2 cups flour

Ingredients for filling:

minced ginger
minced garlic
shredded cabbage
chopped garlic chives
shredded carrot

  1. Add flour and salt to a big bowl. Gently add in a little warm water while you stir the flour. Keep going till  it forms a soft dough. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and allow the dough to rest.
  2. Meanwhile assemble all your ingredients for the filling. Grab a large wok add some oil. Sesame oil is lovely for this. Add in your chopped garlic and ginger. then in with the mushrooms. Allow the mushrooms to sweat and reduce then go in with the cabbage and chives. And lastly the carrots. Allow most of the water to evaporate. Then go in with your sauces, like soya sauce, chili sauce and just s pinch of sugar.
  3. Now to assemble the dumpling wrappers. Uncover the dough pinch a table spoon size piece off and roll into a circle. Careful to always keep the dough wet and covered.
  4. Once you have your dumpling wrapper ready add some of your filling to the middle. Then dip your finger in some water and apply to the edge of the wrapper. Then fold the dumpling wrapper in half. And to seal the wrapper you have to pinch and fold the circular edge of the wrapper.
  5. Add a layer of baking paper to the bottom of a steamer then steam the dumplings for 10 -12 minutes.
  6. Combine all the ingredients for the dipping sauce in a small bowl.
  7. Serve the dumplings hot with the dipping sauce! Its delicious!

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