Love me some Edamame!
HealthyKai recipe post for edamame beans

Love me some Edamame!

What are Edamame Beans?

Edamame beans are soya beans that have not ripened or fully developed yet .They are typically green unlike soya beans that are a beige color.

Edamame beans and Health

1. Protein

Beans are the highest plant based protein sources. Edamame beans contain complete proteins. Meaning they contain all the amino acids that your body needs. One cup of these green beans contains 18 grams of protein.

2. Calories

One cup of shelled edamame beans has about 180 calories.

3. Heart Health

There is less protein in the same quantity of plant based protein versus animal protein. Although plant based protein sources like beans are a cleaner source of proteins. Animal based proteins typically are higher in saturated fats and cholesterol. Which increases the risk for heart disease.
Studies have shown that consumption of edamame beans can increase the “good fat” levels in your body.

Edamame Beans and cooking

These green beans can be used in soups, salads or even lightly sauteed and eaten as a snack.

They do not take very long to cook just a couple of minutes of boiling, pan frying or microwaving.


Here is my super easy Edamame beans snack recipe that is so delicious and healthy!

Chili and garlic edamame beans recipe


Crushed garlic
Edamame Beans (I use the frozen Mama San Edamame beans)
Chili chopped


1. Add one big glug of oil to a wok
2. Throw in your crushed garlic
3. Chop the chili and add it to the wok.
4. Pour in your bag of frozen edamame beans I like to use the ones in the pod.
5. Cover and cook till they are just tender for a few minutes.

Serve hot just as it is! My family just dig in to this and truly relish it.

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