Hummus dip recipe
HealthyKai hummus recipe post

Hummus dip recipe

I posted yesterday about my roast chickpea snack and everyone really seemed to like it! So I thought today I would give you another chickpea recipe, the classic hummus recipe!

This is the recipe for just the classic chickpea dip but by adding one or two ingredients to it you could make:

Beetroot hummus
Avocado hummus
Chili and lime hummus
Coriander and jalapeno hummus
Extra Garlic hummus
Eggplant Hummus similar to Baba Ghanoush

The options are endless, so lets get cracking with the basic hummus recipe!



1 can of chickpeas rinsed
olive oil
lemon juice
tahini paste



Add all your ingredients to a blender and blend till you get a smooth consistency.


with Pita crisps and vegetable sticks.

This goes down a treat with my kids as an after school snack or in their lunchbox.

Have a super Friday guys and please share and like.

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  1. Very creative recipe. Loved it. Undoubtedly your easy and delicious home recipes go a long way to healthy living giving the busy mothers a preferred alternative to Processed food.

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