School holiday fun!
school holiday fun post for HealthyKai

School holiday fun!

Congratulations! We have made it to the end of the school holidays!! woop woop!

.I always have heaps of questions going into the school holidays. “How do I keep boredom at bay?”” Will they become TV zombies?”” What fun things can we do together?”

But I have to say this time I had heaps of fun and they did too !! These are some of the activities we did to keep my little munchkins busy:

  1.  Zoo time

    school holiday fun post for HealthyKai
    Zoo time

    A guaranteed great time at the zoo! I love the animals and I think my little monkeys do too! 🙂 I love the meerkats aren’t they just so cute! The kids were fascinated by the baboons! We were fortunate enough to witness feeding time for the Tigers. Wow! I was blown away by the sheer size of these majestic beasts!

  2. Kids in the kitchen baking

    school holiday fun post for HealthyKai
    Baking with kids

    The scones baked earlier this week were I am very proud to say baked by the kids with a little guidance from me! I love getting them involved in stirring the batter, cracking the eggs, rolling the cookie dough into balls. And they have heaps of fun too!

  3. In the garden planting seeds

    School holiday fun family fun post for HealthyKai
    Planting seeds

    So we decorated some flower pots as part of the school holiday programs. Then we came home and planted some seeds in it! And now they wake up every morning to see if the plants are growing.

  4. Nature Trail

    family fun post for HealthyKai school holidays fun
    Nature trail

    This one is a great way to get the kids out doors. Pencil and clipboard in hand we went off on a nature trail. So they walk around out side writing down all the things they spot! Some good finds were acorns, snails, different shapes of leaves.

  5. Road Trip

    healthykai post on school holiday fun
    Road Trip

    Ah! Road trips! Pack a few sandwiches and we are off ! We went to Muriwai to see the Gannet Colony. It was awesome! Watch out for my next post where I give you all the details!

Hope you are inspired with this list for the next holidays!

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