Meditation, what is it? and what can it do for you?
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Meditation, what is it? and what can it do for you?

What is meditation?

Meditation is the act of calming your thoughts and quietening your mind. It is an exercise for your mind. Generally done in the morning before the hustle bustle of the day begins.

Something to think about:

“When there are thoughts, its distraction. When there are no thoughts, it is meditation” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

When should you meditate?

When you are feeling

  • overwhelmed
  • stressed
  • mentally exhausted
  • lacking focus

What will meditation do for you?

Meditation done correctly has the power to keep your thoughts focused. It has the ability to allow you to think coherently and clearly.
Meditation can calm you down when you are anxious or stressed. You know how you meet some people and they are just so grounded and you think to yourself how do they do it? Nothing seems to frazzle them? Meditation is the answer.
Meditation can help you evaluate your thoughts and how you react to certain stimuli. It can help you understand your negative thoughts and help you not fall in the same negative circles.

How do you meditate?

Meditation isn’t a skill that can be acquired over night. It takes practice to really be able to meditate. But the more you do it the better you will get. Start with a couple of minutes a day and then gradually increase the duration.


There are many different techniques to yoga but two that I found helpful personally and at a beginner level were:

2 Basic techniques of meditation:
Concentration Meditation:

This is where you concentrate on one particular aspect and remove all other thoughts from your mind. You just concentrate on your breathing and drown out all other thoughts.

Mindfulness meditation:

Mindfully observe ones thoughts without judgement. Just notice your thoughts as they enter your mind , do not dwell on any one thought. I like to do this, I find it helps me organise my thoughts.

Meditation for kids?

I was a bit skeptical about this at first. As it takes so long for an adult to be mindful and control their thoughts. I thought it would be very difficult for the kids to grasp or let alone even get them to sit still for two minutes.

But studies have shown that meditation can help kids of all ages. It can help them focus and concentrate better on their school work. It also helps sensitive kids better understand their thoughts and feelings and helps them to calm down.

Give it a go , I think you might really surprise yourself. Let me know how you get on.

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