Morning Rituals
HealthyKai morning ritual post

Morning Rituals

Morning rituals are so important to me! Without which I am lost!

Wake up the HealthyKai way :

  1. Wake up at 6 am and meditate for half an hour. Some days I mediate for longer or less time but mostly half an hour I feel is just right for me.
  2. Then I make me a smoothie ! (here are recipes for two I love! Passion Pink and Green Monster Smoothie)
  3. Take out the mat, clear my head and do some Yoga
  4. And breakfast, I don’t know what it is about eggs on toast but I could eat it everyday with some smashed avocado no issues! Here is the recipe!

And there it is my morning ritual!


I find it clears my mind and helps me to focus! I do not follow this as much as I like some days I just need a sleep in.

But most days especially if I have a big day planned or stressful day coming on I try to make time for these few steps in the morning.

Some things for you to think about to shape your morning routine:

  • What does a super productive day for you look like? envision it!
  • What are the things in your day that cause you stress?
  • What helps you perform better?
  • I like this one , research the people you admire see what rituals you can incorporate! ( Check this out:  How successful people start their days!).

What’s your morning ritual? Maybe you can tell me something I could incorporate into my morning schedule!

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Happy Sunday everyone!

take care,



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