My Shakshuka Recipe!
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My Shakshuka Recipe!

Shakshuka in our house can be had at breakfast or lunch or even a hearty warm dinner. We make different variants of Shakshuka by mixing around the ingredients a bit, we sometimes add in capsicums, sometimes eggplant or even mushrooms. We absolutely love it and who wouldn’t its healthy, hearty and delicious!



Coriander powder
Cumin powder
Turmeric powder

Chopped coriander for the garnish.

Wattie's chopped tomato can for Shakshuka recipe post on HealthyKai



1. Add oil to a large pan
2. I like red onions but you could just as easily go with white onions. Chop them and add them to the oil. keep stirring so as not to burn them.
3.Then when the onions are golden add in your chopped garlic.
4.At this stage add in your chopped eggplant.
5. Add the salt and other seasonings.
6. Saute till all the water has evaporated from the eggplant.
7. Now add your chopped tomatoes or you could even use a can. I sometimes use the Wattie’s chopped tomatoes cans.
8. Bring the tomatoes, onions and eggplant mixture to a boil. Then add in the eggs. Cover and cook till the eggs are firm.
9. Garnish with chopped coriander.
10.Serve with some crusty bread.

There you have it ! It is a nutritious meal for the start of your day or a warm hearty meal to wrap up the day with. The eggs make it a good source of protein. The You could sneak in a lot of veggies like mushrooms, eggplant, capsicum or you can keep it classic which is just the tomato sauce and the eggs.
Which ever way you decide to give it a go I would love for you to tell me how it turns out. Send me an email or leave me a comment or even tag #healthykai on facebook.

I hope you enjoy it!

take care,



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