O Magic Turmeric – how many ways can I praise thee…
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O Magic Turmeric – how many ways can I praise thee…

Turmeric is a herb that is used by me a lot!

I absolutely love it in my cooking and who can resit it in a warm glass of milk.

It makes for an amazing face pack, just relax and allow it to do its magic!

The other day, I had a nasty cut while working in the kitchen. And I panicked but all I had to do was put some of this magic herb on the cut bandage it up and within days the wound had healed leaving no scars.

    1. Facial Hair be gone
      Take a little Turmeric, gram flour or chickpea flour and a little milk. Combine them all in a bowl and using the back of a spoon apply to facial hair. Wait till its dry , maybe half an hour to twenty minutes. Then using a warm , damp towel rub off the paste in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Do this for a couple of applications and the facial hair is no more.
    2. Acne scars and skin troubles vanish
      Its anti inflammatory and anti bacterial effects are great for banishing acne and the skin whitening properties will fade your acne scars.
      The course texture also acts as a natural exfoliate.
      The calming nature of turmeric when combined with the cooling moisturizing effects of milk work wonders on red inflamed rosacea prone screen.If Rosacea is an issue for you, a turmeric and yogurt mask also might be of help to you .


  1. Golden Milk to banish your leaky nose and head cold
    Golden milk is great in ridding you of the pesky cold and flu symptoms.
    Have a read of my recipe here.
  2. Applied on skin as an antiseptic/antibacterial to heal wounds
    The Anti bacterial effects keep the bacteria and infections away. And the Anti-inflammatory effects prevent redness and swelling. It also aids the new skin cells to grow and heal the wound.
  3. Turmeric to fight cancer studies have shown
    Furthermore, studies have shown that the active ingredient in Turmeric, cur-cumin does have anti cancer effects. According to the Cancer research UK , turmeric has shown its best effects in fighting breast cancer, bowel cancer and skin cancer.So there you have it the wonder herb turmeric and its health and skin benefits.Thank you for the suggestion to review Turmeric and if you have any other post recommendations I would love to hear it, please comment below or send me an email or a tweet.
    Now I am off to make me a nice Turmeric latte ….mmmmmTake care,HealthyKai


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