Passion Pink Smoothie the Recipe!, drink your way to health!
passion pink smoothie

Passion Pink Smoothie the Recipe!, drink your way to health!

This Passion Pink Smoothie recipe is great for those mornings when you wake up late or are running late and just need something you can grab and go.
I have pretty deadly rosacea so I find having a yogurt smoothie in the morning is great to just cool me down and settle my rosacea flare ups.
It is also great for your tummy and gut health. The large dose of berries acts as an anti oxidant.
Do not worry too much if you cant get any seasonal berries I generally just grab a bag of frozen berries.
And now for the recipe.


For the Passion Pink Smoothie you will need:
Berries ( I use the Orchard Gold mixed berries frozen bag)
Kiwi fruit
Manuka Honey (Any honey is good but if you get your hands on some Manuka honey that is awesome!)
Chia Seeds
Blend all the above,
and Voila!!
Pop in your glass straw(here is the link, if you want to buy some) and sip your way too health 🙂 its so delicious 😉
The calories for this are about 250 depending on your brand of yogurt.
For more inspiration for healthy ideas please check my other recipes.
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