Rosacea, the struggle and how you too can beat it!
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Rosacea, the struggle and how you too can beat it!


What is it?

It is a chronic rash involving the central face, redness around the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead area. Also known as acne rosacea. This condition generally affects fair skinned 30 to 60 year old.


sensitivity to sun and sun creams

Warm conditions can be trigger

Frequent blushing or flushing

Painful pimple like rash around nose, cheeks, chin and forehead

Personal experience

From my early years I have had mild symptoms of rosacea. My cheeks and nose were always red. I would burn very easily. I had very sensitive skin that would react to every cream possible.

But when I hit thirty that’s when it really got out of control. I had just delivered my first baby so post partum depression probably had a part to play too. But the rash was back and with a vengeance. My nose and cheeks area permanently had clusters of tiny pimples.

I was given topical steroids which initially showed improvements but in the long run deteriorated my skin.

The creams were drying and also ruined my skin.


How I beat it

Stay cool

I would hold a few ice cubes to my face till the ice cubes melted. And repeat this morning and night.

I like to blend a cool yogurt based smoothie for breakfast

Up your gut health 

I would drink 10-12 glasses of water a day

Increase your probiotic intake

I found psyllium husk to be very beneficial to improve my gut health



Hot food and drink

Spicy foods


Heaty foods eg. Red meat

Salty foods

Foods with artificial additives and preservatives

Eat/Drink lots of 

Green leafy veggies

Green tea once or twice a day

Anti oxidant Berries and Fruits

Cucumbers and cooling high water content veggies


I found 3 oils paramount to my recovery

Vit E oil – to be used daily and liberally

Tea Tree Oil – for flare ups , can be quite drying so use with a carrier oil like vitamin E oil

Lavender Oil – soothes redness and calms the rash

I hope these tips and  tricks have been helpful to you. Please do get in touch I can relate, I can be your shoulder to cry on. I can provide you with recipes and brands that have helped me.

Take care



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