Run Metabolism, Run!
HealthyKai post on metabolism

Run Metabolism, Run!

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the process in our bodies where food and drink is converted to energy.
Basic Metabolic rate is the energy got from burning food and drink that is needed to perform the body’s basic functions for example breathing, thinking etc. The more efficient the body gets at converting the food and drink to energy the faster the metabolic rate.

What are the key factors that affect your metabolism?

Muscular mass

The more muscles the faster the body will metabolize the fuel to energy.


As we age the metabolism rate slows down naturally. There are fewer muscles and so also a slower metabolic rate. Meaning instead of burning the food to energy the body stores the food as fat.

Fasting diets

The less food you provide the less fuel there is to burn. So the body automatically slows down the metabolism and instead converts what ever little fuel there is to fat.
In turn providing more protein rich food speeds up the metabolism. Because proteins help to build muscles, so more protein more muscles faster the metabolism.


Movement or exercise is key to metabolism. When you exercise regularly you build muscle. Muscles aid the body to metabolize food. Just a vigorous 10 minute walk can help too.


What are the signs of slow metabolism?

Unexplained weight gain
Lethargy or lack of energy
Frequent head aches
Dry skin

Other than diet what else can boost the metabolism?

Weight training is building muscle and gives your metabolism a boost
Good sleep does wonders for boosting your metabolism

What diet changes can you make to boost your metabolism?

Do not miss out on a good Breakfast
Drink plenty of water
Eat foods rich in proteins
Include some green tea in your day
Spicy meals can rev up your metaboislm
Add some coffee to your mornings

I recommend a metabolism boosting breakfast, here is the recipe:

Metabolism Boosting Breakfast post for HealthyKai
Metabolism Boosting Breakfast

Microwave poached egg and green tea


Smashed avocado
Multigrain toast


1. Crack an egg into a boiling cup of water
2. Cook the egg  for 2 minutes in the microwave
3. Pop your bread in the toaster.
4. Smash some gorgeous avo on it
5. Scoop up the poached egg and place it on the avocado bed.

Serve with a nice hot mug of green tea.

Ah Bliss!

Enjoy guys!

take care,


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