My top 5 favorite spices!

My top 5 favorite spices!

Spices add depth and flavor to any meal. They also have immense medicinal properties.

Do not overpower a dish with too many spices rather experiment and see which ones marry up to enhance the flavor of the dish beautifully.

Some dishes just need that one spice to give it a punch.

Here are some of my pantry must haves:


It has many medicinal properties , is used as an anti inflammatory , boosts brain development , the list goes on.

Turmeric adds great flavor to vegetables and is an awesome marinade for meats.

There are even many turmeric teas and lattes


Saffron rice served with a blob of butter on top! Mmmmmm heavenly!

Saffron is used a lot in Persian cuisine. A plate of saffron rice is generally served with a few skewers of kabobs or along with a gravy like gormeh sabzi.

Saffron also adds a rich flavor to milk and teas!


Cumin is great as a seed or ground into powder. When lightly toasted the flavor is enhanced many fold.

It gives a very earthy flavor and is used extensively in bbq rubs and is  lovely with root vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

A dash of cumin to roast pumpkin would make a very flavorful pumpkin soup.


A very powerful spice used for its medicinal properties including its ability to lower blood sugar levels.

I like to use cinnamon as a sweetener to my teas and smoothies.

I also use cinnamon in my baking, banana bread seasoned with a little cinnamon is just magical.


Paprika adds a lovely vibrant color to meals.

There are many varieties of Paprika, the sweet, the spicy and the smokey.

Personally I am very fond of the smokey paprika it goes very well with eggs and is splendid in shakshuka!


There you have it! My top 5 Pantry must have spices …..

What are yours? I would love to know….

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