All things Spring!
mango smoothie Popsicle

All things Spring!

Spring is my favorite time of year!!

There is lots more sunshine! Gardens are flourishing and it’s finally bbq time !!

Here are some of my Top Spring things to do:

  1. Nothing like relaxing in the sunshine with a yogurt Popsicle. Refreshing, cooling and oh so delicious!
  2. At this time all the farms open up for berry picking we went last year and it was a great family fun activity. Find out all about it here.
  3. I love going for walks and treks with the family. Last year we tried out the kite kite falls , we are absolutely going to make another trip this year, because it is beautiful!
  4. Only down side of the warmer weather is my rosacea starts to act up! So I’ll be drinking lots of cool refreshing smoothies and staying in control of my flare ups.
  5. Speaking of smoothies do not forget to take advantage of all this fresh fruit and do some experimenting. Two of my favorites are: Green monster smoothie and Passion Pink Smoothie.

These are some of my favorite things to do in Spring! What are yours?

I will be announcing the Winner of the Amazon winner tomorrow! Get sharing to get winning!

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