Try this Bean Burger recipe! It is so delicious!
Bean Burger

Try this Bean Burger recipe! It is so delicious!

Last week I made some Chickpea burgers and they went down a treat with the family so I thought I would try some Bean burgesr this week!

We really do not eat enough of beans in the house! So I thought what better way then to disguise it in the burger!

The recipe is simple , easy , great for lazy summer days and was enjoyed by all!



1 can of black beans
Small sweet potato
fresh coriander

ground coriander


  1. This first step is super important drain and wash your black beans but do not put them through the blender. Mash them up with a fork. My first attempt I chucked everything in a blender and wound up with a bean smoothie lol!
  2. To the mashed up beans you want to add potato, mash that up too!
  3. Then in with the diced onions
  4. Now the chopped fresh coriander
  5. Crack and egg and add that to the burger batter to bind everything nicely
  6. And lastly the spices and salt.
  7. form into a burger shape with your hands and freeze them for half an hour. If you find that the batter is to wet you could add some bread crumbs to make it easier to mold into shape.
  8. When you are ready  take the burger out of the freezer spray on just a little bit of oil and place in the air fryer for 20 minutes at the highest temperature.
  9. Serve with lettuce wraps, or burger buns, lots of fresh chopped vegetables and some coriander and mint chutney.


If you do give this burger a try, I would love to hear your thoughts!




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