What is Yoga?

Yoga is a breathing and exercise technique from India. It uses controlled breathing and physical poses called asanas for health and well being benefits.

For example the Sun Salute or Surya Namaskar has 12 asanas and this helps balance mind and soul.

Health benefits of doing yoga

There are physical and mental benefits of performing yoga

Physical Benefits

Reduced inflammation
Improved heart health
Improved flexibility and balance
Better muscle definition and strength
Maintains healthy metabolism

Mental Benefits

Decrease stress
Relieve anxiety
Fights depression
Better sleep

Is it a good workout and can it help with weight loss?

You would think not because you would think that only aerobic exercises such as running or cycling are the ones that help you to burn fat and calories.

But did you know that a 45 minute session of power yoga can torch up to 400 calories. Woaaaa!

It helps you focus on your breathing, your body, your habits and make you conscious of your diet. It is a combination of these tiny insights that then lead to better health and in turn weight loss.

What do you need for yoga?

You will need a quiet space and a mat (Here is where I got mine! and its super cheap!).

Basic Asanas

HealthyKai yoga pose
Dog pose
HealthyKai yoga post
Tree pose
HealthyKai yoga post
Warrior Pose

HealthyKai yoga post

Plank pose

Yoga videos I really enjoy

Power moves with Adrienne

Morning, wake up rituals

Yoga for kids

I hope this has given you a better understanding of this ancient Indian practice and answered some of your  questions.

Please like and share and tell me about the poses and technique that have helped you.

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