Your big 6 Smoothie Questions, answered!
Smoothie questions answered

Your big 6 Smoothie Questions, answered!

Are Smoothies healthy?
Smoothies made at home are generally healthy. If you add fresh fruits and vegetables then yes, it can be very nutritious.

Go with natural sweeteners like bananas, berries, kiwis.

Also take care with the base of your smoothie, don’t use store bought fruit juices rather go with yogurt , soy or almond milk.

Are smoothies fattening?
Is your smoothie making you fat? It depends from person to person. If you take it straight after a workout then probably not. If you are adding high calorie nut butters, store bought juices, artificial sweeteners, ice creams then yes.

Be mindful also of the quantity and time of consumption. For example a smoothie had post work out is absorbed quickly into the body and burnt off faster. Remember the net of calories in versus calories burnt is what leads to weight loss or weight gain.

Are smoothies good for breakfast?
I wouldn’t recommend a smoothie first thing in the morning. After all it is a liquid and liquids do not have the satiety power unlike solids. What I mean is a smoothie bowl is probably more suited for breakfast. So you have all your good fruits and vegetables but this time in their solid state and that keeps you fuller for longer.

Speaking from experience when I have a smoothie for breakfast, in a couple of hours I am hungry again. Remember an average smoothie is about a 150 calories and if you then add on toast and one egg for example that’s another 150 calories. So in total that’s 300 calories. Also if instead of blending all your ingredients if you were to put them in your smoothie bowl you wouldn’t be able to finish it all. When you blend and liquidize you consume more.

Are smoothies good for weight loss?
So lets break it down, what is the main culprit that causes weight gain, yes its sugar. So if you for example add 1 cup of pineapple juice to your smoothie. You are adding in 32g of sugar. Woaa that is a lot , especially considering the recommended daily allowance of sugar is 25 g, that’s for the entire day! Instead if you add 1 cup of strawberries that’s 8g of sugar, phew that’s better.

The other thing that leads to weight gain of course is the total calories in versus the total calories burnt. Say you are on a healthy eating plan of 2000 calories for the entire day. You need to break that 2000 calories and divide it by the number of meals in a day. For me its 5 meals a day. So then I would limit each meal to 400 calories. So if my smoothie is 500 calories then of course I would gain weight. You need to adjust your quantity perhaps or ingredients.

Also don’t forget the exercise component, you need to be burning more calories than consumed.

Are smoothies easier to digest?
Yes smoothies are digested easily by the body. Water is absorbed the fastest, then fruits and vegetables. So a fruit smoothie with watermelon would be digested very quickly because of the high water content or even one that contains cucumbers.

Are smoothies filling?
Smoothies are not very filling, see point 3 (Are smoothies good for breakfast?). But you can make them more filling by:

Opting for a smoothie bowl
Adding calorie dense nut butters to your smoothie (watch out for sugar)
Add some chia seeds they add texture too
What about full fat yogurt?
Also a good tip add some protein

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